Welcome to the Israel Seder Project, a new concept for deepening positive engagement with Israel using the widely beloved model of a seder. Israel Seder is a uniquely powerful encounter with the essence of Israel through, stories, songs, visions . . . and food. Create a multi-media Israel Seder for your synagogue, school community, family and more.

The Israel Seder is adapted from the basic elements of a Passover Seder. Each institution or group can choose the style most comfortable for their own members. Each participant has their own “Haggadah,” which can be supplemented by multi-media displayed on a screen or individual tablet devices. Multi-media resources include archival film of Israeli history, modern videos, music and music videos that represent the broad diversity of Israel. Israeli music and symbolic foods are a core part of the experience.

An essay for the JTS weekly email about the concept by Rabbi Samuel Barth can be read here