Yom Ha’atzma’ut (Israeli Independence Day) is a natural season in which to hold an Israel Seder. Some of those planning an Israel Seder will look to hold the event precisely on the date designated as Yom Ha’Atzma’ut, either on the evening, or during the following days. Others will select to hold the program over one of the close weekends, perhaps on Sunday, or in some cases as a Shabbat celebration. What is more fitting than a Friday night Shabbat dinner devoted to celebrating the visions of Israel?

In some cases an entirely different time of year will be selected. Summer Camps might designate one day over the summer (or in each session) as “Israel Day” with diverse programs (arts, sports) culminating in the Israel Seder as dinner and Evening Program. On college campuses an earlier point in the year might be designated as many students are already deeply engaged in final exams and papers. Groups traveling to Israel (Birthright, Synagogue trips, Federation Missions) might find the Seder to be an effective program to build unity and community before departure or as an inspiring way to bring the journey to a powerful conclusion soon after the return home.